Skippyjon Jones Snow What by Judy Schachner

Skippyjon is an interesting character. He is a Siamese Cat that thinks or wants to be a Chihuahua. This silly “Gatito” has captured the love of my students. The author uses very complex words. As part of our lessons, we have been learning context clues and using them to understand those words.  My boys find it hilarious in this specific book that the “Chihuala” or “Poochito” is not interested one bit about a fairy tale chosen by his sisters Jezebel and Jujubee. He does not want to sit down and sip on hot cocoa while listening to the disgusting  story of princes and princesses smooching to “happily ever after”.  He then goes into his closet and is enchanted into a scary forest. He is greeted by the “Chimichangos” his chihuahua friends and learns he must save the “Nieve Que” also known as “Snow What”.  In his journey he is made fun of by a sneaky fox (usual animal from fables) and is inspired by his 7 amigos (the dwarfs) to not give up . This book uses amazing adjectives, adverbs and the author’s message can be understood by young readers. Skippyjon and his adventure had my students intrigued by every turn of the page. 

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