Duck on a Bike by David Shannon

I have read this book to several groups now and always have had an captivated audience. Duck decides to ride a bike for the fun of it and greets the animal on the farm as he passes by. After spying a parked red cruiser, he decides to take a ride. As he passes the rest of his barnyard friends, they all express their opinions in their native tongues (moo, meow, squeak, m-a-a-a, etc…) Just like people, they all think something different. Some are scared, one is boastful, some appear jealous, and one could care less. Yet, when a gaggle of kids flies by and parks their bikes in front of a house, all of the animals are struck with the idea that what duck is doing isn’t so bad after all. It might sound trite, but in this book, it is all magical.

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