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Seedfolks by Paul Fleishman

   Seedfolks by Paul Fleischman is a 12-chapter book with 12 different characters. The common factor to these main characters is their neighborhood, which is dilapidated and riddled with gangs and violence. Each chapter has an individual plot, but all main characters are joined by the setting which is a vacant lot and low-income apartment complex. The book is great for teaching theme and character development. The characters are influenced by their common goal, which is to clean the vacant lot and begin to garden.…

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Seedfolks by Paul Fleishchman

This book is really great for plot development.  Every chapter is a complete story, but then one chapter builds on another.  The characters are diversified and they lend themselves  to a study of  character development.  This book also presents the opportunity to study external as well as external conflicts because each character (in each chapter) has a conflict that is resolved either by themselves or because of their interaction with each other.  Upon review , this book allows the reader to study the integration of…

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