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A Handful of Seeds by Monica Hughes

I am always in search of new literature that will teach my students in different ways. Currently we have embarked on an adventure of learning, reading and writing through picture books. The book, “A Handful of Seeds” delves into the bonds of family while navigating the realities of our communities such as homelessness and death. The connections of hardy seeds and hearty children were not missed as my class of 5th graders studied the social implications of this beautifully written picture book. We learned new…

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Bud Not Buddy Christopher Paul Curtis

This novel is written about a 10 year old orphan in the 1940’s in Michigan. Curtis uses the first person point of view in his novel, Bud, Not Buddy and facilitates the reader in identifying with Bud, his decisions and sentimentalities. There is a child that lives within each of us. That little boy or little girl guides us in the decisions that we make and we hear his or her voice with each adventure that we encounter. My students LOVED this book and in…

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